CREA collaborates with DocuSign for faster, paperless realty transactions

People who are selling or buying homes in Canada now can do so faster. In fact, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has entered into a partnership with DocuSign to make real estate transactions easier, faster and paperless.

DocuSign is basically software enabling realtors as well as their clients to sign as well as mail their documents via email. Now realtors will not require travelling across the town to their clients sign documents after they receive an offer. DocuSign makes it possible for realtors to simply send the documents to their clients by email, while the clients need to simply press a tab to sign the document and return it to the realtor. The client can sign the document on a laptop, computer or their mobile phone. This does away with the earlier lengthy process involved in signing a document.

However, in order to avail this facility and use DocuSign, the realtors ought to be CREA members. Once they become a member, they are able to provide the facility to their entire clients and advertise that they are the agents who have the ability to undertake realty transactions faster and further effectively.

According to CREA Member Services and Product Development Director Marc Lafrance, being a national body, CREA collaborates with leaders of the industry to provide strong and latest means to enable their members become further efficient and achieve better business objectives. He added that the eSignature offered by DocuSign helps agents to speed up their business.

Explaining how the eSignature helps people buying or selling homes, DocuSign chief strategy officer Tom Gonser said that CREA has been delivering real worth by providing technology that assists its members to make their clients happier by ensuring faster, easier, and superior realty transactions. He said that DocuSign was honoured to partner with CREA as well as the members of this national organization.

Hence, provided you are planning to buy or sell a property and are trying to find the appropriate agent who will be able to help you, you ought to first find whether the agent is a CREA member. Even if the agent is a CREA member, enquire if he is using DocuSign, as this will make the transactions easier, faster and paperless for you helping you to save your valuable time. There is little doubt that you will be happy if you opt for a CREA member using DocuSign.

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