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Like in any other occupation, real estate or realty is devolved on an unyielding information base motivated by extensively accepted performances, modus operandi and expressions or jargons. Salespersons and agents or brokers often have need of expedient approach to fundamental information and future real estate practitioners wish for all reference guidance for their new-found professions at one place. On an ostentatious level, the real estate profession requires a dependable and consistent fountainhead for the potential progression of the real estate industry.

Real estate consumers as well as practitioner now consistently gain access to thousands of realty catalogs all over Canada by means of an effortless electronic search. Considering such brisk pace of sharing information, reference documents as well as knowledge resources are likely to clamber extremely behind unless noteworthy measures are not undertaken immediately.

In such a situation, this site has been earnestly endeavouring to build up a data bank in a methodical structure to assist real estate practitioners all through Canada. The information available on this site is planned for use in unison with the provincial resource guides to present an extensive perception on real estate matters, procedures and prerequisites. The glossary has been intended for an immediate and convenient right to use most wanted information. The précis of information, depictions and cases in point enables and empowers the visitor to appreciate and apprehend the vivacity as well as the intricacies of the real estate market in Canada and elsewhere. We are optimistic that this glossary will serve as an effective tool for the realty consumers as well as commercial practitioners as it covers an assortment of concepts with clear and concise definitions of terms related to real estate.

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