Glossary - Y

Year-end statement
In matters pertaining to real estate, the term year-end statement denotes the annual reports sent to a mortgagor by the mortgagee's servicer specifying the total interest and points paid by the former during the previous year and the outstanding principal of the loan. In the event of the taxes being collateral, the document will also mention about the total taxes paid by the servicer on behalf of the mortgager or borrower during the previous year. It will also reflect the final escrow balance.
In matter pertaining to investments, the expression yield denotes the yearly earnings from an investment, generally denoted as a percentage of the money invested. In other words, yield is the return on a loan or savings. To compute the yield, one needs to divide the return by purchase price, by present market value, or by any other gauge of value. In the instance of investments that earn interest, like bank loans and deposits, yield is interest proceeds earned divided by the mean balance. In the instance of fixed income securities like bonds, the earnings from an investment rise and fall as the prices of bonds change. This, in fact, denotes that current yields will vary with the redemption yields on the same savings.
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